15 May, 2013

The Windmills of Lasithi Plateau

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Lasithi Plateau is located in the central area of Crete. It is isolated from the rest of the island by massive mountains, making the access (especially in old days) very difficult. As such it was the several times the hide place of resistance forces during the occupations of Crete.
The road to Lasithi Plateau is foggy and covered with clouds, and the curves are lit day and night. There is a small Museum - Homo Sapiens located in mid-way to the plateau. You pass across toothed rocks and ruins, which, together with the fog add to the creepy feeling:

Suddenly when you reach the last curve you see the Plateau in front of you, like a picture from the past centuries:

At the very entrance to the plateau, there is a small church

The villagers at Lasithi Plateau used the constant wind for energizing their mills and irrigation system, but these Windmills look completely different from those of Western Europe:

They have white sails and are built from steel, most of them are not active anymore, some are kept in working state:

While others were abandoned

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