19 April, 2013


Hi all
This short post deals with Glass, not a common glass, Google glass but Murano Glass.
Murano is located 1.5km north to Venice, and is easily accessible by a boat service from Venice. It is well know for centuries for its unique glassware produces there, usually used for bracelets, watches rings etc.
However there are many types of glass made art done in Murano, and the following photos show some of those that are exhibited in the streets (or more accurately canals):

Aside of the glass, the island is not glamours as Venice, and most of the houses can be in a better shape...
The good thing, however, is that the number of tourists is considerably lower compared to Venice, and it possible to enjoy the unique environment.

16 April, 2013

A visit to Parco Giardino Sigurta

Hi all
Parco Giardino Sigurta is located between Verona and lake Garda in Northern Italy. If you are around you may definitely stop by for several hours of relaxation.
This is the most common view of the park, however the castle photographed here is OUTSIDE the park, on a near by hill:
There are plenty of nice corners in the park, here are few examples:
The ponds are carefully located to match the landscape:

and one of the is devoted to turtles:

The trees are beautiful with their red leaves:

and many playgrounds


15 April, 2013

Northern Italy viewed with 8mm Fisheye

Hi all
Visiting last summer Northern Italy, I was able to experiment my Samyang 8mm Fisheye lens. Here are different several views of quite famous places, plus, few "traditional" photos.

Let's start in Milan:
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is the oldest shopping mall in Italy, located at the very heart of Milan. It was build ~150 years ago, and accommodates many luxurious shops. the arcade is roofed so it is possible to stroll there all year long.
Sony a55 + Samyang 8mm HDR
and a view of the arcades:
Sony a55 + Samyang 8mm
Next, moving to Riva: a small town, located at the north point of Lake Garda, Center of town:
Sony a55 + Samyang 8mm, enhanced by Photomatix
and near-by bicycles:
Sony a55 + Samyang 8mm
Next stop was at the Arena of Verona:
Sony a55 + Samyang 8mm
Strolling in the old streets...
Sony a55 + Samyang 8mm

and, of course, no visit to North Italy can skip Venice...
Sony a55 + Samyang 8mm

Sony a55 + Samyang 8mm
Next photo was taken by a "regular" lens, however, it reflects the centuries old beauty of Venice: A view to the The Grand Canal from Rialto bridge
Sony a55 + 18-250mm
In my next post, I'll describe the visit to the green Parco Giardino Sigurta in Valeggio sul Mincio. Here is an appetizer:
Sony a55 + 18-250mm
That's all for today

13 April, 2013

Shooting with my Sony 50/2.8 Macro

Hi all
We took advantage of the lovely spring day and headed to Jerusalem to visit the King Herod first ever exhibition in Israel Museum.
Indeed it is a well planned and invested exhibition. Unfortunately, it was not allowed to take photos inside, so click on this link to see some photos.
After stepping out from King Herod exhibition, we went to see the newly decorated other wings of the museum, where I could take photos...
All photos were taken with Sony a55 + 50/2.8 Macro lens
At the new entrance there are several sculptures, sparsely placed:
New Entrance
The famous sculpture of Nimrod by Yizhak Danziger welcomes the visitors to the 2nd floor:
The Next wing consists of numerous Jewish art collections from all over the world, here are few examples:

There are many additional wings, most notable are the reconstructed rooms from European cities in the 18th century. Here is a nice example:
"Crowned" Eagle
That's all for today's blog

06 April, 2013

The story of Church of the Visitation in Ein Karem

Hi all
I would like to share with you a story about one of the nice places around Jerusalem: Ein Karem. The village is located 4km south-west to the city, and consists of many old houses, churches and monasteries, all surrounded by trees and gardens.
I visited this village several times, and would like to share with you few photos and a story.
The Church of the Visitation is located where Mary paid a visit to Elizabeth, and the beautiful sculpture describes their meeting:

In the background, there are translations of the Magnificat to several languages, including Hebrew.
The Church itself is relatively new, built in the 20th century, and was completed by the Italian Architect Antonio Barluzzi in 1955. The walls are covered with many paintings, the most interesting one describes Mary as the queen of the world:

Looking carefully at this painting who can see Barluzzi standing in the lower left side. Here is a zoom-in:

Not far from there, there is the Gorny Convent which dominates the landscape with it's unique 5 golden shiny domes, but the story of this place will be told in one of the coming posts:
That's all for today