11 November, 2013

Shooting in Georgia

Hi all
I had the pleasure of visiting the rural areas of Georgia (Asia).
Indeed this is a paradise for photographers, and the fact that I joined a photography tour with highly experienced and professional guides helped dramatically...
Here are several photos, more in the next post...

Mestia, 6:30 in the morning

 Mestia at night

 un-route to Ushguli


Sunset in Ushguli

In next post I'll cover the people of Georgia

26 May, 2013

Shooting (with a camera) my dog

Hi all
Today, I would like to introduce you to Mindi which is our companion for the last years.
We picked her from a shelter ~4 years ago when she was only a puppy, and here is how she looked at 1st day:
She loves running
and running... 

Obviously after running, need to drink water. PS: this photo was taken at night! ISO1600, 1/8Sec - this shows the capabilities of the Sony A55

 But mostly she love sleeping in her bed
Good night

23 May, 2013

Spruce Goose

Hi all
I would like to share with the the first photos I ever took with a DSLR. Olympus E-510 was my 1st DSLR, small and beautiful camera with superb lenses. It is a pity that Olympus no longer support their 4/3 DSLR line...
I arrived in Portland, and looked for activities for the weekend. I learnt that one of the most interesting Space & Aviation US Museum is located not far from my place, so I decided to pay a visit to the Evergreen Museum located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, Oregon.
Olympus E-510, 14mm, ISO100
The weather was fantastic, clear sky and warm temperatures:
Olympus E-510, 14mm, ISO100
The key attraction of this museum is for sure the once largest airplane ever built: the Spruce Goose:
This huge airplane was designed and built by Howard Hughes to address the need for supplying UK during WWII as vessels were targeted by the German U-boats.
However it was completed too late, and after performing a single flight was stored for decades.
It had 8 engines that needed in order to lift this beast to the air, to save weight and also as steel was scarce, it was built from lightweight wood.
The museum has more attractions such as NASA's experimental aircraft:
Space capsules and more:
So, it is highly recommended to visit Evergreen Museum if you're around 


15 May, 2013

The Windmills of Lasithi Plateau

Hi all
Lasithi Plateau is located in the central area of Crete. It is isolated from the rest of the island by massive mountains, making the access (especially in old days) very difficult. As such it was the several times the hide place of resistance forces during the occupations of Crete.
The road to Lasithi Plateau is foggy and covered with clouds, and the curves are lit day and night. There is a small Museum - Homo Sapiens located in mid-way to the plateau. You pass across toothed rocks and ruins, which, together with the fog add to the creepy feeling:

Suddenly when you reach the last curve you see the Plateau in front of you, like a picture from the past centuries:

At the very entrance to the plateau, there is a small church

The villagers at Lasithi Plateau used the constant wind for energizing their mills and irrigation system, but these Windmills look completely different from those of Western Europe:

They have white sails and are built from steel, most of them are not active anymore, some are kept in working state:

While others were abandoned

That's all for today

19 April, 2013


Hi all
This short post deals with Glass, not a common glass, Google glass but Murano Glass.
Murano is located 1.5km north to Venice, and is easily accessible by a boat service from Venice. It is well know for centuries for its unique glassware produces there, usually used for bracelets, watches rings etc.
However there are many types of glass made art done in Murano, and the following photos show some of those that are exhibited in the streets (or more accurately canals):

Aside of the glass, the island is not glamours as Venice, and most of the houses can be in a better shape...
The good thing, however, is that the number of tourists is considerably lower compared to Venice, and it possible to enjoy the unique environment.

16 April, 2013

A visit to Parco Giardino Sigurta

Hi all
Parco Giardino Sigurta is located between Verona and lake Garda in Northern Italy. If you are around you may definitely stop by for several hours of relaxation.
This is the most common view of the park, however the castle photographed here is OUTSIDE the park, on a near by hill:
There are plenty of nice corners in the park, here are few examples:
The ponds are carefully located to match the landscape:

and one of the is devoted to turtles:

The trees are beautiful with their red leaves:

and many playgrounds


15 April, 2013

Northern Italy viewed with 8mm Fisheye

Hi all
Visiting last summer Northern Italy, I was able to experiment my Samyang 8mm Fisheye lens. Here are different several views of quite famous places, plus, few "traditional" photos.

Let's start in Milan:
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is the oldest shopping mall in Italy, located at the very heart of Milan. It was build ~150 years ago, and accommodates many luxurious shops. the arcade is roofed so it is possible to stroll there all year long.
Sony a55 + Samyang 8mm HDR
and a view of the arcades:
Sony a55 + Samyang 8mm
Next, moving to Riva: a small town, located at the north point of Lake Garda, Center of town:
Sony a55 + Samyang 8mm, enhanced by Photomatix
and near-by bicycles:
Sony a55 + Samyang 8mm
Next stop was at the Arena of Verona:
Sony a55 + Samyang 8mm
Strolling in the old streets...
Sony a55 + Samyang 8mm

and, of course, no visit to North Italy can skip Venice...
Sony a55 + Samyang 8mm

Sony a55 + Samyang 8mm
Next photo was taken by a "regular" lens, however, it reflects the centuries old beauty of Venice: A view to the The Grand Canal from Rialto bridge
Sony a55 + 18-250mm
In my next post, I'll describe the visit to the green Parco Giardino Sigurta in Valeggio sul Mincio. Here is an appetizer:
Sony a55 + 18-250mm
That's all for today