09 July, 2011

Human Statues Festival

Hi all
Visiting the Human Statues Festival was indeed a good photographic opportunity. Here are some of the photo captured there.
All Photos were taken with Sony a55 + 18-250mm lens, most of them with no flash
The festival took place in Rehovot for 3 days. It was awfully crouded as you can see in the following photo, so shooting what quite a challenge...
There were about 150 presenters coming from all over the world + locals, spread in a relatively narrow street.
Here are some of the photos:

A Roman Soldier


The facebook kid Clown

Riding on bikes

Taking a rest A couple

Cupid Playing Chess

The cleaning lady and the statue An armchair

Got you! A Mexican guy

A painter

And the festival's key show!

That's all for today's blog...

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